What is LinnCountyLife.com?

Linn County Life is awesome! But of course, if you live in or have visited Linn County before, you already know that. 🙂 LinnCountyLife.com is a new online, county-wide directory where you’ll get easy access to all things Linn County, KS.

We want you to be able to discover amazing local businesses, get access to local community information and find exciting entertainment, dining and recreation opportunities right here at home—in and around our incredible Linn County communities…

  • Blue Mound
  • Centerville
  • LaCygne
  • Linn Valley
  • Mound City
  • Parker
  • Pleasanton
  • Prescott

Everything You’re Looking For In ONE Location!

We don’t have to tell you how great it is to live, work and play in Linn County. It is our mission to become the ultimate destination for discovering all the great things that Linn County, Kansas has to offer. Whether you’re a business owner or a local shopper, our website is your go-to resource for free and paid business listings, keeping you updated with the latest information on local businesses and so much more.

We are committed to providing you with the most complete directory, ensuring that you have access to the best experiences and opportunities in the area. Explore Linn County Life today and unlock a world of possibilities for your business and your community.

We’re excited to launch this new resource to YOU very soon. We don’t want you to miss out!

If would like to be notified by email or text when more details are available for both businesses and consumers, please take a moment and join the waitlist below so you don’t miss any important details or updates.

The Casner Family

Why Linn County Life?

Hello, my name is Mat!

My wife, Regina, and I moved to Mound City (Linn County) 22 years ago. We didn’t know anyone when we arrived, but we immediately were drawn into the community. We’ve raised our kids here. We’ve worked and started businesses here. We’ve both served here in a wide variety of ways. We’ve loved being a part of Linn County.

Over the years, I’ve come to meet and appreciate so many amazing community members and business owners in Mound City and other Linn County communities. Many of them have become good friends.

As a current business owner, former mayor of Mound City, chamber of commerce president and past Linn County economic development board member, I’ve always recognized the importance of shopping local and supporting businesses and owners who are trying to support themselves, their families and those that work for them.

The American Dream is alive and well in Linn County, but we face some big challenges. The most significant challenge I’ve seen in Linn County is how much I’m unaware of other businesses that aren’t right around me. Some have websites, some have Facebook pages, some have nothing. I know there are other great businesses in Pleasanton, Prescott, Parker, LaCygne and Blue Mound, but it’s hard sometimes to learn about them, or find out their contact information or office hours.
As a marketing business owner, seeing this challenge led me to ask a question several months ago in a local, Linn County FB Group.

“Would there be any interest in a county-wide website that featured businesses from around the county and made it possible for area community members to quickly and easily find a service or product that they were looking for?”

The results and feedback I received were overwhelming. It took me a few months to ponder the results and start to formulate a solution.

Well today, I’m here to announce that my company (Redlogic Communications, Inc.) has started workin on this county-wide website that we hope will become a hub for the good things happening in Linn County.
We’re still working out a lot of details and we don’t yet have an anticipated launch date yet. But, while we are actively working this resource and we wanted to let the cat out of the bag and give you a chance to learn more about it. On the website, you can sign up on the email waitlist so that we can continue to give you updates and share more information about this resource as it becomes available.

I would love nothing more than to see Linn County businesses thrive and give our local communities better access to all of the greatness around us.

If you are a business owner and interested in putting your business in front of thousands of Linn County fans or an individual that would love to stay more connected to the great people and businesses in Linn County, then I would like to invite you to visit the site and share your interest with us.